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Delamination of Composition Shingle

Think of having your roof moss pressure washed? We have often heard that “It’s low pressure” it won’t harm the shingles by using more water volume and less water pressure. While the damage to the top of the shingle may or may not be as severe. The damage often lies underneath. Watch what happens when we lightly blow across the shingles simulating a small gust of wind.

Roof Destroyed by Pressure Washing

Here’s another photo of a composition roof in Portland, Oregon that was Pressure Washed at some point. You can see the massive granule loss associated with aggressive moss cleaning techniques such as pressure washing and wire brushing.

roof moss cleaning Portland

Roof Damaged by aggressive cleaning of moss

roof cleaning damage

Pressure washing damage caused by roof cleaning

Safely Remove Roof Moss

This asphalt shingle roof was treated with our moss killer and left to weatherize over a period of time. Once the moss is treated and left to die the process of weatherization occurs. Dying moss exposed to various the weather patterns help the moss to release from the composition asphalt shingles. Once the moss has had sufficient time to loosen up, it can simply be blown away from the composition roof. This roof cleaning process may need to be repeated a couple of times, but will not create any wear on the asphalt shingles. Please give Portland Roof Cleaning a call (503) 844-6500. Or visit our website at

Asphalt Shingle Roof Damage

This is something I see on a daily basis.  Asphalt shingle roof damaged by aggressive moss removal techniques. Wire brushing and pressure washing are the main culprits of quick roof roof cleaning & moss removal in Portland Oregon. Here are a couple examples of damaged composition shingles that were cleaned to aggressively. Give Portland Roof Cleaning a call today 503-844-6500 for a FREE Estimate.

Roof Damage


roof damage


Roof Cleaning Portland | Pressure Washing Damage

Homeowners, this is an Asphalt Shingle Roof with premature wear caused by Pressure Washing. There isn’t a quick way to remove moss growth without causing wear to the composition roof material. Give us a call 503-844-6500 and we can safely control moss growth without damaging your asphalt shingle roof.

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